S. K. > May 28, 2012 – Another circle around the sun and Maddy remains missing.

May 28, 2012 – Another circle around the sun and Maddy remains missing. A year passes, but a family holds fast to Hope, is bound together by Love and has Faith in this world and this universe and the people who share these spaces with us that the Truth will prevail and that Maddy will come home. Home, Maddy; home where your people are, where people who know you and don’t know you want you home and safe with your family. It has been a year of love, sweat and tears and we continue to forge ahead until she is found. I hope everyone who has been a part of this with us knows that we don’t do it without your caring hearts, your searching eyes, your radar ears, your generous donations and your blessed souls that hold us up and propel us forward day after difficult day. Bless you all for the good and great things you do ♥

  • D. W. We Care. ♥
  • C. M. Always in our hearts and on our minds! ~Hope Love Faith~ ♥
  • S. K. Another thing that holds us together is “quad dust”. Who would have thought of that a year ago when Maddy went missing? I get tears in my eyes every time I watch that Team Maddy group of quads come down the Hogsback Lake trail back to the…See More
  • D. W.
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    . P. with tears, a very special thank you to all all the wonderful people who are making a difference, and workin so hard to get Maddy back home to where she belongs to family. Love Hope and Faith,

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