E. B. > Oh Maddy, Maddy I really was hoping to hear good news before midnight yesterday

Oh Maddy, Maddy I really was hoping to hear good news before midnight yesterday but it just wasn’t there Where oh where are you and who the hell has you why after all this time has this person no remorse for what he/they have done Someone knows something so why don’t you get it of your mind do the right thing call someone you don’t have to say your name you don’t have to show your number star 67 it let your mind have a bit of peace I’m sure theirs more then one who knows so you don’t need to worry about them finding out Just go now pick up the phone and do what you should of done 11 months ago”..

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. How do you sleep at night”…I pray that you can’t How to you carry out each day …. I hope you can’t do nothing but think how cruel, heartless and gutless you are…

Their comes a time in life what goes around will get you in the end”….Do it phone ,,,phone anyone on this page let someone know .

This family has gone through enough and for you whoever you are why are you doing this to,them do you enjoy being a heartless ,cruel and other words that I won’t repeat on here type of person I pray daily for you to bring Maddy home and I also know that God is watching over you and one day you will get what you deserve believe me it will happen to you and whoever is involved with you

  • E. P. ditto, so well said
  • T. S. Longacre Well Said Evelyne. ♥ xxx

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