Darren J Douglas made this beautiful video with Nils song. Let’s find her and bring her home!!


~~ Written and performed by Nils Kelly (cousin) for Madison G. Scott ~~

V1: Day after day, our hearts our breaking
We hope and we pray, the whole world is waiting for you
We hold on to faith, and pray for tomorrow
That something will break, we’re drowning in sorrow for you

Pre-Chorus: We’ll shine the light (Candles are burning)
We’ll search and we’ll fight (Everyone’s yearning)
Night after night (We’re tossing and turning)
For your precious life (All we can is that…)

Chorus: Hope is your way (Hope is your way) x 4….

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V2: The silence is dire, and words are unspoken
Help fill our desire, a family is broken in two
Please search your mind, your heart, and your memory
It’s in you to find, the pieces that carry the truth

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

V3: Sometimes we cry, tears of devotion
We see through these lies, the world is in motion for you
So hold strong and fight, await your salvation
Your life is our light, to our destination to you

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

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