Dylan Ferris another video plea to help find Madsion Scott

  • L. D. Thank you Dylan, for this beautiful video. I will post on my FB site.
  • T. O.u r a wonderful man what a great thing u have done here, i repost this and another one daily, never loose hope xx
  • D. F.thanks you guys. keep posting it!
  • N. E. you need to make another video this time not being so nice.
  • T. L.I agree Donna. you did an amazing job on the video thank-you again Dylan.
  • D

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    . F.thanks you guys. I can’t delete the comment because I’m not an admin.

  • N. E.i am not being negative i think what he did was incredible, well done very professional…… I want him to make another one getting the point across. This is about Maddy Not about anything else.
  • D. B.Great job Dylan!!!
  • E. P.as before excellent
  • M. J.yes you have done great!!! i truely commend you. But with that being said, i totally agree with Nerd…I believe wht they are trying to say is that there is an anger in the fact that someone or something could take her!! How dare they take her!!! Truely i feel angry that someone thinks that they could take anyone away from people that love them!! grrrrrr who the hell do they think they are???!!!!!….. or the fact that someone kknows what happened and that they are just not going to the authoritiies like they have been asked to do….. I personally am the mother of a child that was there on the following night that Madison disappeared and yet we needed to have the convo of the fact that even tho it was a day later she still needed to go and talk to the RCMP adn clear up what she knew of… So yes you video’s are amazing!!!! I did see more anger in the first message tho… is all i thiink Nerd Ess is trying to say and if not then i will say it.
    • And Thank you for who you are and what you are saying out loud!! You ARE a BLESSING anyway you put it out there bottem line you are a voice!!! Speakingout!!!
    • Thank you for that voice behind the message ;o)
    • Your AMAZING!
  • N. E.yes exactly Melani exactly

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