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R. S. > Hugs……….Keep the Faith

Hugs……….Keep the Faith . Truth will prevail

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. Maddy will come home where she belongs.

C. K. > Maddy everyone really misses you…

 Maddy everyone really misses you

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. I hope you know how special you are. I am hoping that one day your friends that were with you at the party remember the friendship you gave them. Ponder their memories as it is impossible for that many people to be there that are your friends and not one of them know where you are?????I find that hard to believe that no one has yet remembered where you disappeared to so many months ago now. I know if you could get home there is no place you would want to be but there. Thinking your friends will dig deep into their memories and find the one little piece that will finally bring you home to your family. Luv Aunty

  •  S. K. I love it, Cindy! Well said.

C. K. > bring Maddy back!!!

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Would someone please bring Maddy back!!!

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