updates on searches

Thursday June 9th Search Summary

Walking grid search along trails below starting from Mapes pit

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. More ATVing on trails and roads. Looking for other areas we should search.

Wednesday June 8th Search Summary

I only talked to a few people so I don’t know all that happened. Walking grid search along highway turned up a couple items which were turned over to the RCMP, but we do not know if they are related to the case. More ATVing on trails and roads, and looking for more ATV trails in the Blackwater area

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. Members of Nadleh Whut’en band have been at the Hogsback campsite most everyday holding a vigil, and helping with searches, and bringing out coffee and snacks.

Tuesday June 7th Summary

More private land searches, foot grid searches off of hiway 16, more trail searches on 4 wheelers around Sinkut, foot searches on trails in and around Hogsback lake and another gravel pit was searched

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. An estimated 25 people out searching; an impressive showing for workday on week 2 of the search.  Dawn  and Eldon did an excellent job speaking with the media holding up to a very emotional task, click for article.

[FMP poster=”http://madisonscott.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Scott-Family-Press-Conferencex500.jpg” width=”640″ height=”480″]http://madisonscott.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/nm_ScottsParents_060711.flv[/FMP]

Monday June 6th, Search Summary

More of the same for the volunteer search crew, more 4 wheeling around the trails and road to the West of Hogsback lake, some small grid searches along the highway near Blackwater road and on private property North of Hogsback and other areas, and other searches around various rivers and falls.  Landowners are continuing being asked to search their property

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. There was a fair bit of activity by the RCMP at the Hogsback campsite and the surrounding area, and we are hopeful they are making headway in the investigation.

Sunday June 5th Search Summary

More roads in the area were searched by volunteers in vehicles and 4 wheelers looking for tracks down side roads and trails. The road search has covered roads from Fraser lake, to Ft Saint James, Vanderhoof and East of Cluculz Lake

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. More trails and bush were walked in the Hogsback and immediate area. Residences were canvassed and asked if they could check their out buildings and or were searched by volunteers. The RCMP had a dog at the Hogsback campsite for about a half an hour. A helicopter was doing more air searches and worked with vehicles on the ground to check out certain area’s.

Saturday June 4th search summary

The volunteer search continues. More mini trail grid searches on trails and bush around Hogsback Lake. More cabins, and gravel pits are located and searched

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. The road and trail  searches by 4 wheelers and vehicles continues near and far. The upper portion of Sinkut river is searched by boat. The private helicopter search continues. The RCMP were seen driving in the Mapes Blackwater area as they continue their extensive investigation of this case. A dive team searched in the water at Hogsback lake, but the cell phone and tee-shirt recovered were not Madison’s.

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