updates on searches

July 4th to 10th search summary

More grid searches in the Hogsback lake, Sky pit, Mapes pit, and Telegraph Trail areas by friends and Family

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. Hogsback lake was canoed again. Family and friends camped out at Hogsback lake. for the weekend.  Another Psychic was at Hogsback lake. Blood hounds and handlers from Prince George searched the Hogsback, Sky pit area and trails as well as a couple roads.

Search summary June 20th to July 3rd.

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More searching was done by the friends and family around the South side of Clucluz lake, Norman Lake, various cabins, Isle Pierre area, private properties in Vanderhoof area, private property around hogs back, more house canvasing, and more posters put up.

Search Summary June 19th

The helicopter was out searching early in the  morning

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. The Canadian Rangers were searching around the Hogsback area, gravel pits and logging blocks. The volunteer search crew was searching logging blocks on the Fox forest road, and searching  more cabins and trails that were located by the helicopter.

Search update Saturday June 18

Grid searches on private land in the Mapes, and Langston Road areas, and around Sky Pit, Mapes Pit

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. More lakes were checked. Trails and roads were checked by 4 wheelers. Helicopter searching in the morning. The Canadian Rangers were helping with the search with about 20 members from Burns Lake, Vanderhoof and I believe Prince George.

Saturday June 11 summary

More of the same with the volunteer search continuing on: 4 wheelers searching roads and trails, in the Blackwater, Sinkut Mountain & Bobtail road systems

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. More walking grid searches along roads and trails.

Friday June 10th Search Summary

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I wasn’t in Vanderhoof and haven’t talked to my family so this update will have to wait till tomorrow.

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