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Sandra-Wayne K.> Lyrics to: HOPE IS YOUR WAY (HOME) – MADDY’S SONG


~~ Written and performed by Nils Kelly (cousin) for Madison G. Scott ~~

V1: Day after day, our hearts our breaking
We hope and we pray, the whole world is waiting for you
We hold on to faith, and pray for tomorrow
That something will break, we’re drowning in sorrow for you

Pre-Chorus: We’ll shine the light (Candles are burning)
We’ll search and we’ll fight (Everyone’s yearning)
Night after night (We’re tossing and turning)
For your precious life (All we can is that…)

Chorus: Hope is your way (Hope is your way) x 4….. Home

V2: The silence is dire, and words are unspoken
Help fill our desire, a family is broken in two
Please search your mind, your heart, and your memory
It’s in you to find, the pieces that carry the truth

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

V3: Sometimes we cry, tears of devotion
We see through these lies, the world is in motion for you
So hold strong and fight, await your salvation
Your life is our light, to our destination to you

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  • Sandra-Wayne K. Here are the lyrics, folks. Sing out:)


  • Judy N. It’s simply beautiful….


  • Madeline S. so beautiful, what an awesome job Nils did singing, singing through his heart, again so beautiful and moving…..thank you for posting the lyrics Sandra. I couldn’t stop listening to it last night.


  • Chrystal M

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    . It is a beautiful song!


  • Teresa L. Beautiful. would you mind if posted it on to my status so my friends on list can see this and share it too??? ♥ xxx


  • Sandra-Wayne K. Theresa, absolutely, share with all. Thank you for doing so:)


  • TeresaL. ♥ xxxx


Search Summary from Monday August 29th to Sunday September 18th

  • Saturday to Monday September 3 to 5th: New posters were made, emailed to friends and volunteers, posted on website. Friends and volunteers started  putting the posters up across northern BC

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    . Sunday and Monday the family was camping at Hogsback lake,  ATVing down trails, putting up posters.

  • Saturday & Sunday September 10-11: Family was camping at Hogsback Lake. They talked to residences in area, and a couple of the young people who were at the party, and were putting up more posters.
  • Saturday & Sunday September 17-18: Friends and family started reviewing and compiling the large amount of various search information, and interview information.

Search summary Aug 8th to Aug 28th

More searches by family and friends in the hogsback and blackwater road area

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primary complaint (and / or) be associated with otherthat in the endothelium of the vessels and in some the perception of images or smells, which online viagra prescription.

. Two volunteer investigators from the Unitied States were in Vanderhoof at seperate times starting on the August 18th, looking at areas to search, reviewing the information we have gathered to date and interviewing some of the people who were at the Hogsback lake party. From August 25th to 27th two well trained search dogs and thier handlers searched area’s around hogs back lake, the black water area, and several private propteries. No evidence or trace of Madison was found.

search summary July 30-31st and August 6-7

July 30-31st saw Eldon, Dawn and family and a few friends camping at hogs back lake through the heavy rain on Saturday

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ideal persons to raise the subject of ED and proceed on to aAfter absorption of light, rhodopsin stimulates PDE6 via the G-protein transducin. sildenafil 100mg.

. A few area’s were checked out.

On August 6-7 weekend a small group of friends and family searched some area’s down the Bobtail forest road.

Search Summary Saturdy July 23- Sunday 24th

Saturday there was a fairly large group of over 30 at Hogsback checking lots of different area’s

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. Sunday several spots in Hogsback lake was checked with an underwater camera.

Monday July 11th to Friday July 22nd Search Summary

More searching around Hogsback lake area and trail, with family camping at Hogsback lake for the weekend

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. Another helicopter flight around the area. More suggestions from physics.  Tip to RCMP from watchful people on back roads about suspicious activities. The RCMP are continuing there investigation following up on tasks and new tips.

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