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Editorial about missing women (From Omineca Newspaper)

Two weeks ago Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Whitehorse, NWT as part of his regular tour of Canada’s north. Shortly before Harper’s trip to the north, a 15 year old girl named Tina Fontaine was murdered, wrapped in plastic bags and her body dumped into the Red River in Winnipeg.
The death of this young girl has sparked a renewed call for a inquiry into why it is our nation’s aboriginal women (and women in general) continue to go missing at such an alarming rate.
Harper addressed the murder during a press conference in Whitehorse saying the death of Fontaine and subsequently the ongoing disappearances and slaying should be viewed as crimes and not a sociological phenomenon. Harper’s continual refusal to investigate the issue makes him appear the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand; refusing to acknowledge something in hopes it will disappear.
Fontaine marks yet another name to the list of over 1,100 women that have been murdered or gone missing over the last three decades

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. She also serves as a stark reminder that these tragedies are still on going. It is a reminder that Vanderhoofian’s know all too well, having experienced first hand the tragedy and unfathomable pain of losing some of their daughters.

Perhaps the reality of these ongoing crimes are lost on Mr. Harper, but it isn’t lost on those of us who live along the aptly named Highway of Tears.
Harper’s refusal to even consider an inquiry into these killings and disappearances seems to me like a slap in the face to everyone who has lost their daughter, mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or friend.
It seems insulting to the Tina Fontaines, Madison Scotts, Emmaculate Basils and Loren Donn Leslies of the country and it needs to stop.
Aboriginal women, whom are the primarily victims of this ongoing tragedy, make up just 4.3 per cent of Canada’s population. Despite this, aboriginal women account for 16 per cent of female murder victims and 11.3 per cent of Canada’s missing women, Canada wide.
It should be noted that while Harper and his government refuse to address the issue, every other province and territory in Canada is in favour of an inquiry.
<>Harper’s opponents also weighed in on the controversial remarks and positions with Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne both advocating for an inquiry and condemning Harpers attitudes as out of touch and on the “wrong side of history.”
It’s a touchy subject and rightfully so given the pain communities like Fort St. James, Vanderhoof, Prince George, Prince Rupert and many others have endured.
What is clear is that Harper is out of touch with the reality of what is happening here and is choosing to focus his attention elsewhere in hopes that the issue will go away. Harper is quick to condemn the acts of injustice of other nations like Russia all the while ignoring the injustice happening in communities like ours across the country. 
Enough is enough; it is time for an inquiry, it is time for a change of players if our current government will not step up to the plate. These women are all of our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, aunts, friends and girlfriends and we have a duty to bring home the Madison Scotts of the world and ensure that no more of our sisters go missing.  You can bet that if Harper’s family members went missing we’d have gotten to the bottom of the issue by now.
A society is measured not merely by its monetary wealth, but by the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens, something we’re content to ignore it seems. Step up to the plate, Mr. Harper, bring back our girls.
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Shared posts from the Help Find Madison Scott FACEBOOK Page.

Greetings to Madison Scott’s family, friends and community; I check in from time to time to see if there’s any developments in this case

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. My heart sinks when I see there isn’t any developments; I think about the family’s pain in not knowing where their loved one is. All I can offer is my prayers and words of encouragement. You are not alone; in this life everything begins and ends with Creator-God, whomever knows any information about Maddy’s disappearance will eventually have to face and answer to the Almighty One. Til then, we will continue supporting with our prayers.

  • S.S.Some guy on the ferry just stood beside my car and read the Madison poster. Keep reading people someone knows something

CBC.ca Daybreak North Interview with Steven Scouller

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Steven Scouller interview on CBC Daybreak!
Listen and share! Watch the Documentary!
Hope is her way home!


CBC.ca | Daybreak North | Interviews.

Press Release: The Vanishing of Madison Scott

January 5, 2014


Dear Editor:

We are writing to ask your newspaper to print the attached statements to help raiseawareness of our daughter, Madison Scott, who has been missing from Hogsback Lake, BC since May 28, 2011.  We wish to encourage your readers to watch a documentary that has been released titled, ‘The Vanishing of Madison Scott’.  The film can be accessed by going on to the findmaddy.ca website

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.  It is our hope that through the viewing of the documentary and by reading the findmaddy.ca website that someone, somewhere will have information that will leadto finding Madison and bringing her home.


We thank you very much.Yours sincerely,Dawn &  Eldon Scott Family & Search Team


Letter by Dawn and Eldon published in the Prince George Citizen

November 19, 2013

To:  The Citizen newspaper


From:  Dawn and Eldon Scott & Family, Vanderhoof, BC


Re:  Error in the re-printing of the letter sent to the Citizen following the October 2011 fundraiser and benefit for the Madison Scott Search Fund


We are writing to apologize for the error in the re-printing of the letter of thanks the Scott family sent to this newspaper following the October 2011 fundraiser and benefit for the Madison Scott Search Fund.  While there has not been another fund raiser, we are greatly comforted by, and continue to receive strength from, the generosity of all those involved in the continuing search for Madison and the various events that have been held throughout the year to raise awareness of Maddy’s disappearance.


We again express our deep-felt thanks and gratitude to all the individuals, families, businesses and organizations who have given so much.  As a family we have benefited greatly from the communities’ ongoing support.  This support is a true testament to the communities in which we live and we as a family cannot thank you enough.


We are also grateful to this newspaper for its willingness to publish this letter so that we can reach out again to the many that have given so much of themselves and given of their time and effort in helping to find Madison.

Tremendous effort to find Madison is still being made in a variety of ways and we are hopeful that, through the perseverance, love, hope and faith of all concerned, Madison will soon return to us

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Most sincerely yours,

Dawn and Eldon Scott & Family, Vanderhoof, BC

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