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These were growing wild on the trail today…..

N. K. April 12

These were growing wild on the trail today and made me think of you Mad Dawg

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. You need to come home to us very soon little cousin! — with Madison G Scott.

wild sunflowers - nils

  • H.R. Come on home Maddy!! So many are waiting for you!!!red heart icon FB
    • April 12 at 7:57pm
  • Dawn ScottGreen heart icon FB
    • April 12 at 6:24pm

Google Map of Hogs back lake campsite were Madison Scott went missing

click on  Hogsback recreational site link on map to activate location push pin

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. Then you can click on larger map or directions.

Mapes hall on google maps

Click on more options on map to open google maps to allow bigger maps and for directions. Hogsback campsite map

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Subject: #BringMaddyHome

I’m not sure who is reading this but i really hope it is either Maddy’s mom or dad. i just wanted to let you know my name is Madison and i am 14 years old, i heard about this while i was doing project on Prince Rupert and Maddys name was on the missing list that was on the page i was looking on for information on highway 16. I found this heartbreaking that this was happening in Canada so i did a little research and found the first 48 video on it

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. I just wanted to say never give up hope! I believe Maddy will find her way home someday day! Never say never! your family is in my prayers and i just wanted to say stay strong!
Love madison

This e-mail was sent from the CONTACT US form on Help Find Madison Scott (http://madisonscott.ca)

Subject: praying for your family

Tonight my husband and I watched maddys case on 48 hrs hard evidence , I cried almost throught the hole hlf hour, it broke my heart . I pray she will be found nd just want you to know that even down here on vancouvrr island we are praying for you all , you will always be in my heart for the rest o my life , my sister lives with a family of 5 on hwy 16 in smithers , and pray that that awful hwy doesnt claim anymore women

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This e-mail was sent from the CONTACT US form on Help Find Madison Scott (http://madisonscott.ca)

Light up the path – pumkin walk (gallery)

Pumpkin walk 2014

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. in Vanderhoof – back to photo page

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