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Subject: Find Madison!

Hi there. My family was very close to the Leslie Family who recently had their daughter go missing. Not knowing anything is awful

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. I am a new mom myself and I can’t even imagine what her parents are feeling. I am currently on Maternity leave for another month and I would like to do anything I can to help out. Please, please, just ask and I will do what I can. I live in Prince George but would be willing to come to Vanderhoof and help with searches or whatever the family might need. Even if it’s just some cooked meals, let me know. Please contact me with something. I offer my prayer of finding Madison safe every night…

Heather M.

Subject: Our prayers

Eldon and Dawn,

Words can not begin to describe what you must be feeling

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. We do want to let you know that we are constantly thinking of you and our hopes and prayers are for a successful conclusion for all.

Stay strong!!


Ken and Debbie D.

Subject: Prayers are with you

Just a lower mainland resident, can’t help with the search but all my prayers are with your family as you continue to search for Madison. My heart goes out to all of you and I will pray hard for her to come home soon. I hope your family can continue to stay strong through this terrible ordeal and keep searching until you find Madison

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. Best of luck, I wish I could come help search.

Katherine H.

Subject: suggestion

perhaps post on the website for people to post the links either to this page or the facebook page or dylan ferris’s video & keep posting them every 6 hrs or so so this will remain in the face via homepage of any who have information. I’m doing this & encouraging all on my friends list to keep it in the face of people who have info. Keeping this the primary focus of social media may very well help. Bless your hearts I’m crying out to the Lord for you

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Marcia K.

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