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Subject: still hoping and praying…

Every day, I pray for Madison, and for her safe return. I send information via facebook, I don’t know what else to do..

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I am originally from Vanderhoof, but living in Prince George. IF there is anything else I can do, PLEASE let me know!!!!
Lots of hugs, lots of prayers….


Subject: Thinking of you all

Dear Dawn, Eldon, Ben and Georgia

Just wanted to let you know that you all and of course Madison, have been very much in our thoughts/prayers

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I cannot imagine the pain you must be going through – and hope that you get some answers soon. Praying for Madison’s safe return.

with love from Marianne, and Stu.
(and from all the family especially Rory)

Subject: Sign needs tel area code 250 on hwy. & internet

To all the Scott family, I have been thinking of the RCMP photo of Madison on the hwy into Vanderhoof. It does not have the (250) area code, and people from other areas may not know our area code here. These huge photos are awesome, and I thank all those who put them up

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. Maybe an easy way to fix it would just be to print off the 250 area code on paper and put it on the signs. Also, to add this to the internet photo. I do not know Madison, but she has been so much in my heart and mind and I am praying for all involved that she will soon be found and her capturs found too. May our loving Lord comfort you all at this most difficult time. Love and blessings, Linda Dodds, Cluculz Lake.

Linda D.

Subject: maddy

I im a member of an online ministry that has been praying for her. I was hesitant to share this as I really dont want to waste your time but thought I’m better off sharing then not & if it means something to you then you will know, otherwise just disregard of course. here’s what she messaged me:

Hi Marcia,
Madison has been on my heart and in my prayers.
I say this because I want so much to help her in Jesus.
I dont know if this is from self, or a word given, simply because Im having trouble diserning because I want so much to help.
I figured this was from self, but if it is from Jesus, I had to share.
Sometimes ones own desires get in the way, I hope you can understand.
But, I figured you would know if it meant anything right away and if not then you can ignore.
But , when in prayer, the word bell came to mind for her

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I dont know if it is a real bell, a road, or place.
Just bell.
I had to share simply because one hopes in Jesus so much for this girl and her family.
So if this is a folly of self, just dissmiss, and please forgive me.
But I pray that in Jesus it will help.
My heart and prayers continue for Madison and her family in Jesus.
Hugs and God bless.

I truly hope this isnt a waste of your precious time. Continuing in prayer.

Marcia K

Subject: Hope!

My heart aches for the family and friends of Maddison Scott

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. She looks so vibrant and full of life, I hope she is back with her parents safe and sound very soon. I will hold my baby girl a little closer tonight and will make a wish the you hold your baby girl again very soon.


Subject: Bobtail rd from cluculz

We will be at cluculz sat and can search this area. Has it been searched yet or do you have another area you would prefer we search. Respectfully, elain l

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