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  • Let the RCMP know of any information no matter how small pertaining to this case. We need the RCMP to be able to make progress on finding out what was the cause of Madison Scott’s death.
  • Donations for the Madison Scott Search Fund can be made at any credit union, account # 80234286, or by using the donate button on top right of this site. More information is on the donate page.


  • Abigail Mueller

    I just watched the show that was done about Maddy. It broke my heart and I wish I could do something to help the family, but all I can do is to pray for her safe return to you. I live in Indiana so I’m unable to attend any of the Poker rides the show spoke up but my family and I will continue to pray for her and your fame until Maddy comes home.

    Gods Blessing to you always!

  • Hi there – Madison has been on my mind constantly. If I could get a bumper sticker and some posters I’d love to put them up. Due to being a student I after drive between BC and Alberta for holidays, taking different routes. Madison had been on my heart for a while now and I’d love to do anything I can to help.

  • Prayers for Madison and her Family. I first heard about this 12/25/18 on youtube. This story really pulls a person in. Its very strange. I certainly hope Madison’s friends stay close to her family. I know I would need that. Lets all pray for this young woman’s safe return!

  • I cant stop thinking of this story and gathering info. Its just crazy. But I have soooo many questions. Ive been in deep thought about this. I feel someone took this girl away from that area fast. Whoever took her, MUST be familiar with that area. Its too secluded for a stranger in town. I feel that they knew what was going on there. Thru Facebook. They scoped out the area. (I wonder if anyone noticed a vehicle pull in that area during the party, then leave. Just so they could get a visual of the layout. ) The timeline is short. Someone knew to move quickly. Whoever took her is familiar with that area. They wouldnt keep her nearby. It seems like a small town. They knew the town would come together to find Madison. People, dogs, boats, Police, Friends, Helicopters, etc. All of this could happen quickly and they knew it. Why was the tent collapsed? Were the tent poles all pulled up? Or just one side? Whoever went up to that tent, spent some time hiding nearby and watching. Once they were with Madison, would they risk being caught on the road or in public with her? I dont think so. They took her to a relatively close location. By sunrise, there could have been a full on hunt for this young lady. Who would take the chance of traveling far? Are there ANY camera’s along any roads leading to or from that campsite location? Even a camera in a restaurant parking lot? Any at all? I know its been a long time, but all clues help. They did NOT walk out of that campground. Again, who would take the chance. It may sound strange, but as a stranger to this story, fresh thoughts come easy. If I were an investigator, I would want to investigate every home, garage and shanty within 25 miles of that campsite. With a pocket full of warrants. Has anyone living within 25 miles or so EVER been arrested for a crime relating to Kidnap, Sexual Assault, or similar? Who has moved out of the area since Madison’s disappearance? Specifically, within a few months of her disappearance. Someone knows something! Again, these are just my thoughts. But being silent doesn’t help anyone!

  • Hi, I heard that a friend of Maddy’s went missing just 2 days after he did a polygraph test and he was found 2 hours away from Vanderhoof. I’m not going to put on here what I actually heard, but I thought, is it worth searching all around that area for abandoned cabins as I heard they used them out there, just in case?

    Just a thought I wanted to share with you.

    All my hopes and love


  • I can’t believe all this time has gone by and there is no hint of finding out what happened to this poor girl. How can people just disappear? Has anyone looked up hunters in the area? Bear hunting season is around that time of year and hunters have to have permits or something to apply to hunt an area.
    Question them. Hunters also know all the back roads and the area really well. Hunters also walk areas and spy out the land so all I’m saying is please find out who had a bear hunting license for the area during the time of her disappearance. Then look and see if any hunters who applied had a police record. I know the police have probably already done this but just in case.

  • Danielle Nelson

    Hi there,

    Just a thought, I saw a case once where the police pulled the records of all the cell phones that pinged off a specific tower during a specific time and tracked down all those who owned those cell phones. This was done so to help find a potential suspect. Has something like this been done for this case? I am unsure of the potential privacy or rights issues that this may hold, but it is worth considering (if it hasn’t already been done).


  • I’ve been following this story for years now. I honestly feel like I know Maddy. I can’t believe she’s still missing? This poor family. Her mother seems like such an amazing, dedicated mother. All these years have gone by with nothing but she keeps pushing, never giving up. It blows my mind that no one knows anything? I mean all those people that were there and nothing? Someone, somewhere knows something. Our world is a dim darker place without Maddy and all her grace. Her story, her life has touch my heart. I wish so bad that I could find her and bring peace to her mother and family. I live in California, USA and have tried to spread the word as much as I possibly can over the years. I’ve told everyone that would listen to watch her documentaries and to donate. Maddy will always and forever be in my thoughts and prayers. Dear God please bring this angel home? Its time. God Bless.

  • Did they try pinging her cell phone since she took it with her?

  • Maddison was killed by someone she knew well. Her dad? Was he home early Saturday morning? I read somewhere he went to the business, but did he? I believe he killed and buried Maddison. Look at his expression in the interview. Cold, no emotion. Not a dad who misses his daughter. I believe he drove to the camp early the next morning and tried to get Maddison to come home with him. She refused, saying she was okay. At that point I believe he hit her on the head, put her in the back of the pickup and hauled her to a remote location about 30 miles from the camp. I believe he kept her alive, tied up, for a couple of days. During that time he returned to town, but visited her often. At some point he realized he was in too deep and killed her. The reason you have not found Maddison is because she was killed by someone no one would ever suspect. Think about it.

    • I think they should check you out. I’ve read your comments, and you seem to be trying to throw the investigation another way.

    • What is wrong with you. What kind of person would accuse the father of a missing girl of her murder especially on her page that her family have set up to find THEIR DAUGHTER, I mean there isn’t even any proof that Madison, yes Madison with one D, is deceased. The police ought to find you and question you about Maddy’s disappearance considering your so quick to assume that its her own father, oh and by the way, people deal with tough situations differently, just because he didn’t cry while getting filmed talking about his missing child, doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss her and cry for her at all.

    • Gothic Emma Louise

      You’re one sick and twisted little boy!!How dare you say her dad did this to his own daughter there is NO PROOF OD THIS its people like you who messed up enough to do horrible things to people not an innocent man who wants his daughter back sicko!!!

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