Time Line

Google Map of Hogsback campsite

Friday May 27th 2011

Madison and a female friend went out to Hogsback lake for a party with the intention of camping overnight. It appears there were around 46 people at the party Friday night, mostly 18 to 25 years old, and a few older partiers up to 40 years old. Almost all are from the Vanderhoof area. Madison’s friend who was going to stay with her left the party after midnight (2:30?) with a young man who lives close by in the Hogsback lake area.  Either Madison was left to camp by herself or left with someone else, though information to date says she was left there by herself. The time Madison was last seen has been reported as 2:45 to 3am.

Hogsback lake is located about 24.5 kms South East from Vanderhoof down the Blackwater road. See Google Map. It is a forestry campsite with 3 camping areas, a swiming area and dock. The lake is around 1 km long, and is surrounded by forest, with several trails leaving the campsite including a portion of the telegraph trail.

Saturday May 28th 2011

A couple of the partiers were back at Hogsback campsite the next day cleaning up (10am?) and saw her tent still standing and her truck  but they did not check if she was in the tent. There was no other tents or campers there.

There was a large party of around 150 people at the Hogsback campsite on Saturday night, and no one reports seeing Madison.

Madison’s parents were concerned as they had not heard from their daughter, but she is a responsible 20 year old so they did not report her missing.

Sunday May 29th 2011

With no word from Madison and her not answering her cell phone Madison’s parents went to the Hogsback lake campsite to look for her. They found her truck and her now flattened tent. Her purse was in the truck, but no sign of her and her cell phone. The police were called and the official search and rescue effort began. The RCMP and search and rescue teams from Vanderhoof, Prince George, Burns Lake and Fort St. James directed additional volunteer searchers. Grid searches of the area starting from the campsite began, with helicopter searches, and the lake was searched by boat and side searching sonar.

Monday May 3oth 2011

The official search and rescue team with additional volunteers continued  grid searching the area around Hogsback lake. More helicopter searching was done.  They thoroughly covered the whole area around the campsite and lake and did not see any sign of anyone leaving the area on foot or ATV on any of the trails or through the woods. Because of this it was concluded Madison had left the area by vehicle on the road, and the official ground search was called off.

People in the community make posters and start putting them up.

The RCMP investigation continues, a team of 14 members is assembled and a press release is issued.

Tuesday May 31st 2011

  • Friends, family and other volunteers continue grid searches in the area
  • Roads are searched by vehicles
  • Tails are searched by foot and ATV’s.
  • house to house canvasing begins
  • people across the province are contacted to spread the word and put up posters
  • A facebook group is started, and a temporary website.

Month of June 2011

  • The volunteer search covered so much ground. All the roads from Fraser Lake to Isle Piere were driven and any tracks leaving the road were investigated. Grid searches of all the trails around the hogs back area, nearby gravel pits. Surrounding trails and roads were driven with ATV’s and a lot were walked.  private land and buildings were searched. The Canadian Rangers were out searching for a weekend.
  • Extensive searching in the Hogsback area by helicopter.
  • Posters put up over most of BC
  • RCMP interviewing and polygraphing party goers. Following up on tips, cell phone records.


Since that first year Madison went missing:

  • RCMP continued their investigation with more interviews and polygraphs of party goers, following up on tips, and other leads. The case was reviewed by other RMCP divisions.
  • Lots more private searches in 2012 and 2013
  • Missing signs put up in the interior of British Columbia, small and large.
  • Missing posters sent far and wide.
  • Annual Poker ride 2012, 2013 and 2014 at Hogbacks lake to keep awareness and local community involvement. Proceeds went to the local community association.




  • We drove through Canada several times and it’s heartbreaking to know that this young woman is still missing. Madison’s family should contact Gail St John, a trusted psychic who has helped detectives on a missing girl’s case before. Most psychics are a scam but she truly has helped before. I truly hope and pray that Madison is found.

  • In a creek by a bay. Large rocks dirt and greenish grass.

  • A creek, north of hogsback about 10 miles away. You will find what you look for.

    • Post a map with a pointer locating where you left her

    • Kiddies at play without mind, brain or morales….your parents sure missed out on teaching you proper manners and respect…sounding as if you are the eye of the crystal ball, when indeed you are nothing but a dumb little kid trying to get attention. Tell your mom to take you to see a psychiatrist…you are a schizophrenic psychosis waiting to happen….unbelievable!

    • You need help. for posting bullshit, knowing good god, and well your “location” of Maddy is inaccurate. I just watched her story on dateline, and To the family Of Madison Scott I truly hope you guys receive closure. by bringing her home. the worst part about all of this is that you just don’t know, I can understand. i am so terribly sorry…and for the Ass who wrote where he claims she was. this was obviously a lie. so he deserves to go missing as well. then he’d understand how it feels.

  • Tabaitha Grandmond

    I was just going to say the same, I was reading above and the obvious sounds as if the person who took Madison was not aware that those items or her belongings were where they were, I just can’t see someone leaving such items behind. I believe someone close bye knows exactly what happen and where she is. Hense the Jane doe. As for whoever wrote that if you do know her whereabouts you need to be more specific than near a creek or a bay with lots of rocks!!! I mean really look at the area. If it’s someone who’s being ignorant and selfless than shame on you. Karma will get you. Bring closure to this family.

    To the person who has information or has done this your a coward … and will never be known so you accomplished nothing.

    • Also what the girl who left her there by herself. If she was her true friend, she should have made Madison leave with her. Why would you leave a friend of yours in the woods where you both are supposed to be . And in the video she looked like it was a fake cry , no tears.Could it be a serial killer- i live in ny USA- and I am going to college to become a cop . In cj we learned about serial killer who drove on that highway near where Madison was. I hope she is found ok but with all the years that has gone by she probably passed away . I have kids around her age and tell them if they go to a party with a friend,they should always leave with that friend. Why would she is camping by herself anyway. She should have gone home . I pray that the family gets some closer.To much time has passed.

      • I agree with you, Jordana seemed very suspicious, I think she knows more. Why didn’t she tell Madison parents she left her up there, she just went to work like nothing. I also heard that when you’re remembering you look straight or to the right but when you’re making something up you look left. Jordana was looking left the whole interview.

        • Judy, I agree with you. I believe her friend knows more than she’s stating. It seems she was a very good friend of Maddy’s and if so, why isn’t she involved more?

      • Going to College in like 5-6 years…girly you sound very, very young…no need to get hyped up, the police did and do all they could/can!
        Her remains will pronably be discovered accidently one day…I hope her family has been able to live and laugh again!

      • I lived in the area close to this but do not know the family. The entire community along this stretch of highway put I’m hundreds of hours looking for Madison.
        I am responding to this as you mention the serial killer, this killer is along a highway that stretches over a nine hour drive, it is now called the highway of tears and has taken over twenty young woman. Many people have came forward including the friend and the information they have shared has been well looked into, her remains will one day be found as a few of the others have also been discovered some years and years later.. I too hope the family carries on and that one day they will find closure… I also hope that even with so many years home by that if any one knows anything please help this family, I couldn’t imagine losing one of my children… ❤️

  • Where can I get stickers I live in Queensland and would like to put them around thankx.

  • i think the 40 year old party goers sound suspicious and should be further investigated. the only reason some 40 year olds, im assuming they were males, would go to a party full of younger people would be to prey on the young women. ( also, i dont think camping anywhere is ever a safe idea…. just my opinion. ive heard too many stories like this.) there has to be an explanation. I would imagine it would be a man with a sick fantasy and a pickup truck. i am also very psychic and am praying that maddy is found. She is so strong and I know she will be found. Don’t lose hope ever. What about dogs, did they ever get to sniff the surroundings of the lake ?

    • Yes that’s what I think, she is
      Not in the woods. They should go into
      Every persons home and business and look in the basements. What about footprints and search dogs? This was not in the documentary. I don’t believe she was in the forest. She was taken.

  • So I’ve spent the past few months exploring around the area and getting a feel for it. Sadly with all the snow and ice I haven’t really had a chance to get my dog to do any scenting. I’m hoping once things start to thaw out I can take him back out there and see if he can pick anything up. I know it’s been years but time does help erod soil etc giving my dog a better chance at picking something up.

    I’m going to take a break for now and start heading back out when it starts to warm up.

    To the family, keep your heads up. One way or another you will be getting the answers you are seeking. And I will be doing all I can to help out.

  • I seen this story today,and it haunts me.first off the Jane doe who commented is clearly a female being he or she didn’t use john doe,secondly she commented again using anonymous BC she realized she gave away that she is a girl whatever, and thirdly I’m wondering if they searched that creek this idiot is posting about?I also think if Madison took her keys and phone she intended on going back to the site.it has to be someone she knew,BC I don’t believe she would leave with a stranger.and leave her purse and stuff.she locked her truck and left with someone she knew,BC she didn’t take her purse or anything.I also think she left her jewelry behind just in case to show yes I was taken.and I also want to know if maybe someone from the dating sites might have showed up and took her,and if they investigated those sites?I send love and prayers to the family.this case makes no sense she was around ppl she knew and ppl who knew her.

    • Oh and another thing I would’ve never left my friend for anyone or anything,and if I was returning I would’ve called her,or checked on her.I’m just saying !!!!

      • Yesss! Her friend mentioned she felt bad for leaving Maddy so she went back the next morning around 10am but didn’t bother to check on her?!! I’m confused by this part of her story prayers for the family and prayers Maddy will be found safe

  • I have just watched your story this morning, our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
    There was a case here in Australia where a boy named Daniel Morcombe went missing and the community surrounded this family and never stopped looking for him. They never lost hope and kept his face in the media and finally after 10 years the family were able to bring him home and justice was served with a man being arrested.
    Dont loose hope xx
    Melbourne, Australia

  • Unbelievable how some think this is a joke…you all are despicable idiots.
    Clearly as it has been years….we no longer are looking for a living person but Maddies physical remains…to give her loved ones closure, by bringing her home, giving her a proper funeral.
    In my heart & with all my senses I feel that Maddie has been dead as of the night she went missing…my gut feeling is, that she is either on the bottom of this lake, or somewhere in those woods…the area is just too large to search indepth!
    She hopefully will be discovered one day… giving the family closure!
    My prayers are with the family!

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