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On May 28th 2011 Madison Scott went missing from Hogs back lake near Vanderhoof British Columbia, Canada. She has not been seen since.

  • Age Then: 20
  • Current Age: 32
  • Race: White (Medium complexion)
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Ginger / Auburn
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Tattoos: Bird silhouette tattoo on the inside of left wrist
  • Other: Maddy’s ears and nostril are pierced.

This site was set up by the Scott family to spread the word on helping to find Madison Scott, and to provide a central location for information

Feel free to use the contact us page to send us information, or ideas to help find Madison Scott. Let everyone know about madisonscott.ca or findmaddy.ca, and the Facebook group.

The Time line page explains the events that happened when Madison went missing.

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  • I cannot imagine how awful this is for her family one of the partygoers must know something did they leave her behind when they all went off to somewhere else. This will eventually be solved I have just watched a crime in the UK I am from London and it was solved but 30 years later.

    Carole Gray

  • Your story is still being herd! I’m from a small town in southern England and I’m hearing about Maddy for the first time 6 years on, your reaching so far still to this day. I hope this brings a small amount of hope to all of Maddys loved ones. I hope to hear of her safe return soon!

  • The RCMP needs to stay on the party goers that where there, and question them hard and ask when they left and work there way to the last 3 to be there. Obviously someone knew she would be alone at the end of the night and that information has to come from someone there that night. Sitting around waiting with posters and same searches won’t do anything more at this point. Harass everyone at that party and ask a lot of questions and keep on them until something gives. Its ridiculous that all was done was a lie detector test and that’s it.

    • That’s what I think too. Look at the party goers! Make a profile of everybody and check if her tent stood there before the party startet. It could be very helpful if all of them meet again at this spot and play the party through again.

      Be aware the predator – if it was a human – from time to time will take a look to the spot and all activities to clear up this case.

      Then check all habitants in this area very carefully. Maybe someone came in the very early morning to look what happened the night before.

    • This is some great advice a poster might do some good but if you want proof evidence someone that was there that night had to know something I don’t care if it’s twenty years from now the truth doesn’t have an expiration date get the police to ask those last few people that were there listen to us they’ve gotta know something

  • Who knows, maybe one of the kids at the party went and said something about her staying there alone that night, and whoever was told that could of possibly went there and did something. There is only one possibility…. Someone did something and was there at some point and must of knew she was alone. Only way they know this is from someone at that party or its someone at that party that did something. Point is that the ppl at that party need to be reviewed much harder

  • I was watching the YouTube video and I just got this really off feeling about the guy who said Maddie used to babysit for. He was the one who went out on his boat with equipment to look. Then I was reading this physic website with her pulling cards and she mentioned an older man with grey hair or a fox and I just get goosebumps thinking about a comment the guy made when he was talking about taking his boat out. http://empathysinsights.blogspot.ca/2011/10/madison-scott.html?m=1

    I know it’s just a speculation but I’m wondering if police looked into people who knew maddie, possibly had a chance to follow her without being noticed since they were family friends.

    • Someone at that party, who knew she was staying alone, (camping) perhaps from a different area came back after everyone left. Who ever it was must have known what was going on, had to be there… that’s my guess. Bring her home!

    • Celinda Norris Willis

      I also got an intuitive feeling about this man. He did this! was the immediate thought that jumped into my head… very weird

  • It’s not who left the party but who came back knowing she would be alone or told someone she would be alone

  • Someone at the party knows something. I have watched far to many documentaries of similar cases where friends literally plan to murder and then play innocent. The case of Skylar Neese for example. People don’t just vanish into thin air. I guarantee she was taken away from that area and likely left willingly. If she were taken suddenly against her will, there would have been signs of struggle. Drag marks from her feet, blood. And she probably wouldn’t have grabbed her phone while bring kidnapped. Someone knows something. And it was someone at that party. Start looking into these people yourself. Maybe look for someone who moved away from the area soon after her disappearance. Maddy knew her abductor I promise you. Now you have to fugue out who that was.

  • This case has touched a lot of people. Perhaps many of us (especially women) see Maddy in ourselves- strong, savvy, fearless. Perhaps too much so. Personally, I check every few months to see if there has been any development in the case and always have the utmost frustration that there is not, in conjunction with the helplessness of being thousands of miles away. I never met Madison, but I want to tear through brush at Hogsback or go door to door in Vanderhoof- anything that might facilitate finding her. I know, however, these feelings cannot begin to compare to those of her family, and all I have to offer is, somehow, some way, stay strong. Thousands of us out here in the world have been thinking of you, praying for you, and Maddy has not left our minds. Maddy WILL NOT leave our minds.

  • Big foot? Windigo? Abduction for sex trade?

  • Frank Williams

    There is something very fishy about this case. There is pretty much no chance of a case having zero evidence unless it is an inside job or a suicide. Suicide seems impossible given the profile of the victim. I’d say she was probably killed by her friends and family. That is an occult tatoo on her wrist and there are a lot of multi-generational Satanist families in northern BC.

    • Frank this website was made by Maddie’s family and friends. How dare you come on here and point blame to them! Also get a grip with that satanic panic crap. Real satanists aren’t bad people with sinister secretive motives. You watch too many movies!

    • Also that tattoo is not an occult tattoo.. This is not the place for your wild, hurtful and absurd theories.

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