Take part in the 24 hour fast, and prayers for Madison Scott (from facebook)

Vanderhoof church groups and friends and family are doing a 24 hour fast from 8pm Sunday June 19th, to 8pm Monday June 20th, to focus energy and prayers to help find Madison Scott. Abstain from eating for 24 hours and pray, or focus your thoughts for Madison’s return.

  • E. P.
    • Maddy is in our thoughts and prayers everyday, sorry did not abstain from eating but best wishes to all those who are involved with the 24 hour fasting.
  • S. Y.Not sure how fasting helps but hope you all made out well and safe.
  • R. S.I was wondering how fasting would help also, but hope it works!
  • T. L. if i had to guess they had people sponsor them for the fast. My daughter’s youth group here in Fort Nelson just did a 24 hr Faminie. They has sponsors.
  • R. S. Oh, that makes sense ! Hope every time that I check here to find Madison has been found safe and sound. I check frequently during the time I am on line. Hugs
  • M. S. If you are Christian there are many references to fasting in the bible, for example Moses and Jesus both fasted for 40 days and nights. Fasting can help to intensify the effectiveness of prayer. Fasting provides self-displine and can help focus ones thoughts.
  • S. Y.Ahhhhh I see now! That makes more sense now…… Good job guys! 🙂

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