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this is my own way of helping out. every please click the share button and post this on your wall. help me help the family out !


Help Find Madison Scott. www.youtube.com

Please everybody, share this video. If you would like to print out some posters to put up in your area (doesn’t matter where …

  • E. P. very well done, have posters in our vehicles here in Kamloops, will ensure all our friends are aware of the situation
  • D. F. thank you.
  • Jutta S. there is no share button….
  • D.S. sorry, on the group there isn’t one. but post this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxDtyJL5ZXE
  • D. C. Thank you Dylan …I have shared your awesome video about Madison on my facebook page awesome job .. our thoughts and prayers go out to Madison and her family.
  • S. K. Very well done video, Dylan…I will share it on Facebook immediately.
  • B S.what a wonderful way of getting the message out Thank you Dylan
  • D.F. thank you every one!
  • R. L. Excellent initiative Dylan! I have shared your video on my web site, mailing lists, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook feeds
  • D. F. Thanks very much Rob! Keep posting it everyday until she is found. Can’t help to much!
  • M. S. well done, thanks so much
  • L. B. Dylan, I can not thank you enough!!! beautiful job Thanks!!!!!
  • M.B. This is awesome! I re-posted on 1013theriver, our FB fan page and my personal site too.. I hope this helps.
  • L. D. thank you Dylan, excellent video, I posted it to my FB too! I am praying Madison will be found, her beloved family and friends, all those helping in finding her. My local Vanderhoof church is too. God bless you all.
  • A. H. re-posted. Not expecting many people that see it on my profile will though. It’s sad how some people don’t care enough about this kind of thing until it happens to them or someone they know. This girl is a complete stranger to me,but i th.
  • D.F. Thanks a lot everyone! I hope this helps out.
  • S. F. Every bit helps Dylan
  • R. D. This is a great video. I’ve posted it to FB and to my Twitter account as well.
  • R. C.well done Dylan…I have shared it as well.
  • D.F. Thanks everyone!
  • A. S. Dylan, just wondering are you a friend of Madison’s? .. i have been sharing links for Madison on my fb, and want to share your video .. but i always put a blurb with missing person’s posts, and just want to get it right! 🙂
  • D.F. I don’t know Madison. I know her sister a little though. This is just my way of contributing (:
  • A. S. ok, thanks Dylan .. it’s an awesome idea and a great video! .. i understand all too well what you’re going through and will keep posting and doing all i can to help from here! .. Madison and her family and friends are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!
  • D.F. .thanks so much!
  • A. S.you’re welcome .. every little bit helps, right! .. never, ever give up hope!!

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