K. C. > Prayer…

O, Blessed Mother and St Joseph,
you searched when your Son Jesus
disappeared when he was twelve.
You would not give up
until he was found.
You know the pain of having someone missing,
and the joy of finding them,
as you found your son.
Help those who are searching now,
to find the answers to their questions,
and an end to their searching.
Inspire people to be vigilant,
so that their eyes and ears
may see and hear news that will bring hope.
Comfort those who feel lonely and sad
because the one they love has vanished.
Be with them in the storm
and guide them in their efforts. Amen.

Love and prayers from Alaska. 1k miles away from you in Talkeetna a young female musher went missing a few days later. Praying they are both returned home.

  • K. C. God blessed you with great strength, Norma. As a mother, I cannot begin to fathom the heartbreak of the unknown. Prayers your way, lady!
  • H. S. > wonderful encouragement, Norma, from one who has walked in these shoes.. I cannot imagine either but I appreciate your faith and strength 🙂

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