J. N. > I would like to say that the girlfriend of Maddy

I would like to say that the girlfriend of Maddy who was doing alot of talking about her taking two poligraph tests and passing them… I was in a bit of dismay as she was laughing and grinning while talking about her missing friend. She seemed a bit flippant to me. Did not come across very nice. My opinion only.
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R. M. > Just my opinion but to me she seemed like a girl who has been tortured, accused, and I would guess very disturbed over the last year and a half…. Yes the family has been through so much, but if I took a moment to stand in her shoes… I think I would be one messed up woman to be accused of my best friends murder, and to hold so much guilt. But I’m not from Vanderhoof, I don’t know Jordie, and I don’t know the Scott family. She did have a weird look about her but I saw it differently…

N. P. > I felt pretty confused by her display. On one hand I feel bad for her because it doesn’t look like she was treated nicely by the community and I could imagine she was very distressed. But they portrayed her in a way that did not do much justice for her.

T. G. > I strongly agree with Janice. She did not come across as having any typical response or feeling of empathy or remorse – rather void of it & emotionally detached.

J. N. > I was not meaning to be nasty critical at all. I know that she probably was under a lot of stress as well. If that was the case, she might have chosen to not go on tv. As a good friend of Maddy she didn’t do her any favours at all. My heart does go out to all. I can’t imagine, really. <3

J. W. > In my opinion she is still a young girl, confused as to what happened but also people have many reactions. The tv show didn’t portray her very well but she has probably laided alot of guilt on herself and is probably pretty messed up! People should leave her alone….. This is what Canada is about, innocent until proven guilty, lets not ruin another young girls life!

J. W. > Prayers to the family and justice will be served one day
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Carla Denny being her best friend she didnt seem very upset about it all.. I just got the feeling from the way she talked that she had something to hide..
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