K. B. > I am so sad and upset right now I can barely write this.

I am so sad and upset right now I can barely write this. Haven’t we suffered enough? Hasn’t Fribjon suffered enough? He was not in a relationship with Maddy. He was not “bad” news and did NOT have a drug debt as Jordanne Bolduc so slanderously states. Fribjon is not here to defend himself so I will do it for him. He was caring and giving. His murder and Maddy’s disappearance are not connected. Fribjon did take a polygraph and DNA test to prove his innocence. Why? I’m not sure considering he was someplace else with other people the night Maddy disappeared. He was sad and upset that Maddy was missing just as we were. Vanderhoof is a small town and it was unbelievable to us that one of our children can just disappear as Maddy did or be murdered like Loren. When our own Fribjon went missing and then when we found him murdered, our world crashed. The horrible rumours that were spread and the gossip by people who don’t know us is devastating. Anyone who knows us or who had the fortune to know Fribjon would realize how riduculous these rumours are. 48 Hours needs to get their facts straight. Fribjon was a kind, loving person. He does not deserve the way he was portrayed. He was a victim. He did not bring this upon himself.

  • H. F. To hear that there were such glaring “untruths” in the story makes me sad as well.I would have thought the producers of the show would have run their content by the families being portrayed to ensure accuracy….for all those families their situations are beyond gut-wrenching….
  • C. T. I’m sad for him and his family as well. I can sort of read between the lines and I know pretty much when I’m being lied to and while the story was good in some respects I kinda got the feeling that this young man didn’t look like the drug using person they made him out to be. Still in all it sounds like this small town has had more than it’s fair share of tragedy and my heart goes out to all that are affected by it. This isn’t something that is going to heal quickly. I know the pain is going to be raw for years to come. Prayers for you and all that are affected by the disappearance of a beautiful young lady and the murder of a promising young man.♥
  • W. B. Its too bad they got that all twisted and wrong. They probably should not even have mentioned Fribjon name. Very sorry for the family and friends of all involved.
  • J. N. It is sad for all, fingers should not have been pointed unless they had enough facts to cover what they were saying was indeed true. I feel bad for all. They also portrayed Prince George as a Crime ridden place , well we have crime here just like anywhere else. The show had some things very wrong and I think they need to be called on it. For the most part I think they did a good job. Maybe something positive will come from it. Fingers crossed. You just never know. ♥


  • There has to be a connection somewhere among all the partygoers at HB Lake. The RCMP pobably are not telling everything. Look at one of the detectives on 48 Hours, he looks at the Constanle, Wamsteeker, and says and I quote: “Madison has gone missing, and she didn’t get taken by a flying saucer.” Police can tell the public anything, and even persons of interest can be lied to about polygraphing, until all evidence becomes factual.

  • jordanne bolduc is the biggest liar ever…she knows …she knows

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