Sandra-Wayne Klassen > Maddy, the universe is enveloping you in love and peace

Maddy, the universe is enveloping you in love and peace. You are on your way home, I know it. Just keep moving toward us, one step at a time. The person/people who know what happened will help us out…… they are scared and waiting for the right time to do the right thing. It will come. Be brave, strong, have faith….. the right things are happening. Your mom and dad, grampa, aunts and uncles, brother and sister, cousins galore, friends – we are all missing you and anticipating your return to us. Love, Faith, Hope ♥

  •  Edna P. without a doubt, it is amazing
  •  Ruthie S. I do hope that was reported ! Keep the faith, someone will come forward soon, so that they can live with themselves, even if they think what they know has been reported, they need to report it for themselves, there could be just that tiny shred of information that will bring Maddy home. Love & Hugs to the family and friends of Maddy.

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